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Certified as an innovative company by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Empower your team with artificial intelligence as a productivity tool.

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Build personas for marketing fast. Stop guessing & get real results

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Discover the power of video marketing for your software & SaaS business.

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Love building your SaaS? Let us do the Marketing for you.

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Business with a Passion for Marketing & SaaS

Switching from ChatGPT to Promptitude was a game-changer for our business. We can finally generate specific, tailored results that truly reflect our brand and product. We can share prompts with the team for consistent results. And everybody saves time.

Josh Harris

Founder, Doc2
AI Solutions for productivity

Begin your AI journey with Promptitude and receive a bonus of 100,000 OpenAI tokens when you sign up. Unleash the power of AI and experience seamless integration now!

  • Create: Craft AI prompts effortlessly with personalized results testing on all models & providers.
  • Optimize: Streamline processes, boost productivity, and gain a competitive edge.
  • Integrate: Seamlessly infuse AI into your workflow for dynamic results.

GPT Integration to your workflows

Accelerate tasks with reusable prompts, secure sharing, and personalized results from your documents. Unlock the future of AI integration and management, all in one place. Create your first prompt (100K tokens free)

Empower Your Team with AI

Are you ready to transform your business with cutting-edge GPT technology? Choose from a range of personalized services to help you unlock the full potential of AI, whether you're just starting out or looking to level up with Promptitude Services.

Marketing Done Right

It’s hard enough to develop a new product or service. But how do you get it out there if you can’t hire an agency or marketing is not your strong-suit?

GETitOUT helps you create high-converting copy for your business and generates your website, social media images and email series in 3 easy steps:

  1. Answer a few questions about your business, product, features, market & buyer persona.
  2. Create your messaging, benefits & USPs with the help of our online assistant.
  3. Generate all your marketing assets in a few clicks, after uploading your logo and choosing your brand color.

GETitOUT enables you to be 5 times faster. It helps you create a consistent and professional marketing system that attracts and converts your clients.

Cristina Balaban


Get All Your Marketing Assets

Never start with a blank page again: GETitOUT helps you create all ad copy and images. Next, you choose your preferred templates and color, and GETitOUT generates your website, social media posts & email series. You need to see it to believe it.

Launch Your Product(s)

Launching on Product Hunt & Co. can be intimidating. Stop guessing and let GETitOUT create your full launch campaign for you: profile texts, images, emails and social posts to create buzz and drive traffic. No marketing degree necessary.

Empowering Visionaries:

Unleash Your World-Changing Potential with Efficient Solutions

Certified as an innovative company by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Dominik has helped almost every aspect of our business: Website, marketing material, tutorials and marketing videos… to help explain and simplify our product to our customers.

Matt Forbush

Founder & CEO, zignyl
Video marketing

Videos are easily overlooked in software and SaaS marketing.

Think of each video as an extra team member, working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – for free!

  • Demo & sales videos will sell your software for you.
    Attracting new leads and sign-ups. Answering your customers’ questions. Handling objections.
  • Video tutorials will do the training for you.
    Onboarding new users, new employees, new partners.

By creating video tutorials, you can literally clone yourself and have your videos work for you, so that you and your whole team get back valuable time.

Make Videos That Sell

After completing this online course by Dominik Wever, you will create engaging demo videos and tutorials in a breeze. Videos that attract leads and signups, onboard new users, and take a huge weight off your team’s shoulders.

Marketing Videos & Tutorials

No idea where to start? Find inspiration for your next video in our hand-picked collection of SaaS videos. Everything from great explainer and product demo videos to customer testimonials and engaging video tutorials.

Marketing Agency

Running a software business is tough, especially in the first years as a founder. Development, sales, onboarding new clients. And on top of all that – marketing:

  • Creating a website that makes people sign up.
  • Writing those emails to convert trials to paying clients.
  • Finding your way to stand out from your competition.

I’ve been there with my own CRM software company.

That’s why I started SAASagency: To help technical founders like you get your marketing right, so you can focus on other things.

We teamed up with Dominik to better understand our clients and perfect the messaging. After that, relaunching our website was a piece of cake.

Jacqueline Feind

Head of Marketing, SoftGuide

Consulting: Let's team up!

Learn from Dominik Wever’s 20+ years of B2B SaaS experience and workshop and implement the crucial parts of your marketing together – hands-on. And in the future, you and your team can take over.

One-Stop SaaS Marketing

Let us do the marketing for you, so you can focus on other things. We’ll create or refine your messaging so you stand out from your competition and attract your ideal clients. And then we’ll implement it all, from copywriting to website, emails and videos.

Dominik Wever’s Private Passions

When I’m not working on GETitOUT or helping SaaS founders with their marketing, you’ll find me playing volleyball at the beach or indoors, organizing tournaments and – since 2020 – refereeing.


Let’s connect!

I’m curious and open-minded. I like to spend my time with optimistic, driven people working on projects that make an impact.

If you have a project or an idea and think we could partner up: Give me a nudge!

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